History of the Martin' Karate System
The roots of MKS were sparked by an interest in Isshinryu Karate, which was the first style that Shihan Martin was exposed to. In 1964, Shihan started Isshinryu Karate under Mr. Edmund Alexander.  He continued under Mr. Don Nagle , from whom he received his black belt.

Soon after Mr. Martin opened two Schools in the Bayshore area; one School was in Red Bank and the other was on Hightway 35 in Holmdel.

At that time, other martial arts were being introduced to this country, in particular Tae Kwon Do, which is of Korean origin and placed heavy emphasis on kicking techniques. One of the most respected instructors in this style was Master Chung Koo Kim, whom Shihan Martin continued his martial arts education.

At that time Master C.K. Kim was one of the highest Korean Masters teaching in the United States.  Master Kim taught a style of Tae Kwon Do called Ji Do Kwan.  One of the nine founding schools of Tae Kwon Do.

In order to expand the scope of the MKS system, classical boxing and kick boxing were introduced in the early 1970's.

Two of the most notable fighters at that time were
Mr. Chuck Norris and Mr. Joe Lewis (the Karate Champion, not the boxer), both of whom had a distinct influence on Shihan's thinking. These men did a great deal of cross training, which Shihan felt was beneficial to the MKS system.

Other notable fighters who influence Shihan and the M.K.S. System were Kickboxing Champion Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and World Karate Champion Mike Stone, who taught Priscilla Presley.

In fact, those whom Shihan competed with, were taught by, has taught and were friends with, would fill a book of who's who in American Martial Arts.

To further round out the system Shihan has continued his martial arts education with the study of Judo under Olympic Coach, Mr. Yoshisada Yonezuka and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Mr. David Adiv and Mr. Royler Gracie.

Through his training Mr. Martin has became a good friend of
Mr. Renzo Gracie, who Shihan continues to train Jiu-jitsu with today.

During the last 45+ years MKS has grown under the direction of Shihan Martin, who continues to train for the purpose of expanding the knowledge of MKS.

Shihan has taught many of the instructors in the local area and continues to train people from other styles and organizations, many of whom, have gone to operate schools of their own.


In 1999 the property for the Holmdel school was sold.  Forcing us to close that school, since the building was torn down. Two locations were found.  Shihan Martin opened a school in Neptune City.  While Master Charles Dunn open a school in Matawan. 

Matawan School of Martial Arts continues a tradition of excellence.
Master Rodney went with Shihan Martin to teach in Neptune City.  While Master Mallues and Master Pizarro went with Master Dunn to teach at the Matawan School of Martial Arts.

Master Charles Dunn
After several years in the Neptune City location Shihan Martin decided to close that location to concentrate on his training.  At that time Master Rodney joined team M.S.M.A. as an instructor.  So all the family is now back under one roof. 
Master Max Pizarro
Master Gene Mallues