M.S.M.A. Cardio Kickboxing is a fun way to lose weight, tone and strengthen the body.

Our Cardio program combines both the heart and health benefits of aerobics with the self-defense techniques of kickboxing and karate.

Although based on a martial art the Cardio Kickboxing class is designed to be fun.  No Karate uniform is required.  Work out in your favorite exercise clothing.

There are only three requirements to our Cardio program, clean sneakers (never seen the streets), getting a great workout and having FUN!

Our Cardio Kickboxing is taught by ceritfied instructors
Our Cardio Kickboxing Hand Wrap Color System

Unlike our Karate program there is no rank, as such, in our Cardio program.  There are no requirements or grading.

We do occasionally hand out colored wraps to indicate the time and effort of the student.  It is purely symbolic.

Like the Karate program the darker the color of the wrap indicates the more time and dedication.  New Cardio Kickboxing students wear white wraps.  Instructors wear black.